Roulette info and Rules

If you do not agree with the Rules, do not use this resource

What is Dota 2 Roulette?
The Dota 2 roulette - is an entertaining attraction service where players place their bets in skins from game Dota 2 and raffle them among themselves when the round ends. The factors of round's ending are described in specific rooms (modes). A gamer whose ticket is chosen by a random-number generator service RandomOrg is deemed the winner. The lucky winner takes all the skins won (minus the site's commission). Learn a more detailed information on choosing the winning ticket and the honest game on the Fair game page.
How the system works:
  • The participants transfer their items to the Bot using Steam trades (a bet is placed on the site).
  • The cost of skins is converted into a number of tickets, depending on the sum. For ~ $0.01 of the skin's cost, a player is given 10 tickets, for ~ $5.41 - 5000 tickets, and so on.
  • When the game's end factor is reached, the system gets a one number of the winning ticket from the RandomOrg service. The greater number of tickets the Gamer has, the higher the chances that one of them will be lucky. The winner takes all skins from the bank (less the site's commission).
The higher the cost of your bet is, the more chances you have to hit the jackpot! But even a skin of $0.01 may bring you a victory! Every percent can win on the roulette, as we work through the RandomOrg!
Rules (please carefully read them)
  • By authorizing on the roulette through Steam, you agree with all Rules and User agreement. Their texts can be changed at any moment without notifying the User.
  • All the skins transferred to the Bot are considered as charitable contribution.
  • Before placing a bet, be sure to check the costs of all skins, for which please click "Inventory" button under your profile.
  • Prices for some skins may be far from real ones, since the price is obtained by the median sale price in Steam.
  • We do not guarantee more precise estimation of the skins cost, as there may be no prices on the trading platform of Steam, or they can vary. By placing your bet, you agree with that the items can be assessed inaccurately.
  • The maximum number of skins per round and amounts of deposits are described in the game rooms.
  • Quality items Autographed, Heroic, Corrupted, Auspicious, Cursed, Inscribed are priced at the same price without the gems and runes.
  • Every game is charged with a fee of 5% of the bank. The fee for the first gamer who made a deposit is 4%. For the gamer with an inscription "DOTA2EXPERT" in the nickname — only 4%.
  • Acceptance of bets and withdrawal of prize is done rather quickly (depending on the load of the Steam servers at a given time).
  • If your inventory are publicly hidden in the Steam settings, or an incorrect trade offer link is entered on the site, the Bot will try to re-send the prize every 5 minutes.
  • Only the items from Dota 2 are accepted. The Bot will decline trades of the participants who have no Steam mobile authentificator connected.
  • You must accept an trade offer from the Bot within 5 minutes after the game is over. If you have not done this, we are not responsible for the lost items. If you did not accept the exchange in 5 minutes and the bot was blocked by Steam - we will not be able to return the winnings.
  • When Steam blocks the bot and you do not have time to accept the winnings, we will refund you only the amount of your bet from your own funds. Since it's impossible to withdraw items from a locked bot.
  • If, by accident, you declined an offer from the Bot, contact the support, and your prize will be sent again, on condition that little time has passed since that moment.
  • Because of problems that often occur on the Steam servers, there is a probability for a bet to fall into the next round. It is not a problem of the site, but of the Steam, and so we are not responsible for this.
  • The following is prohibited on the site: to spam; to flood; to ask for items from other gamers; to blame the site for a "scam" (see Fair game); to write insults to the site or the Administration; to abuse the relatives of other participants; to advertise third-party roulettes; write ref code. The punishment is ban.