Fair game with RandomOrg

Our roulette is co-integrated with the RandomOrg service. No one can interfere with the process

General principle of the system operation
The algorithm of our roulette works by using the third-party RandomOrg service, which does not belong to us. Due to this fact, no one can interfere in or have an influence on the process of choosing the winner. RandomOrg is an independent service for generating random numbers, which has been working since 1998 (See details on Wiki).
Acceptance of bets
Every item which you put in has some cost in dollars (you can learn the costs of your items before placing bets on the My inventory) page. For every ~ $0.01 of a item's cost, the system adds 10 tickets to a gamer who placed a bet. The gamer tickets are displayed near the bet if you are playing in the modes Standard or Low Game, or above the avatar — in the Fast Game mode.
Determining the winner
After 90 seconds have passed in the Standard and Low Game modes, or where the number of gamers is 3 in the Fast Game mode, the system summarizes the tickets of all gamers and transfers this value to RandomOrg. RandomOrg selects only one ticket from the whole number of them and sends it back — you will see it at the end of round. A gamer whose tickets coincide with the number obtained from RandomOrg is deemed a winner, and just to this gamer the Bot will send the prize after deduction of the site's commission (you can read about the commission's amount on the Rules page).
Verifying the result
Outcome of the game is fixed both by our site and RandomOrg. Every game can be checked on its honesty, for which simply click "Verify" button (the buttons are displayed at the end of the game; you may also find them in the game history), after which you will be re-addressed to the RandomOrg site, where a number of the winning ticket, time of its issuance (in the UTC format), and total amount of thickets will be shown.